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Dec. 1st, 2003 @ 06:30 am Working On
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Things have been rather uneventful as of late... like most of the employees of Wolfram and Hart, I didn't have a Thanksgiving to speak off... What's left of my family is still back in Oklahoma... and I really never plan on going back home again... somethings are best left forgotten... the past is best left alone.

I had work to distract me from anything else... and as usual... Wolfram and Hart has me working overtime... Things have been very good for the firm as of late.

I've been advised that one of the main thorns in W&H's side has not been in the Los Angeles area for several weeks now... which is good for our clients... that vamp detective and his friends were a real annoyance to the firm... sticking their nose where it didn't belong... making my clients unsatisfied with the quality of service of Wolfram and Hart... and hurting my chances at a promotion... The Senior Partners do not look kindly upon failure... and do not accept excusses for failure... you either carry your weight or you get thrown overboard... Literally.

So now is a good opportunity to get some wins under my belt... and be one step closer to being on top in the end.
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