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Jan. 5th, 2004 @ 12:31 am New Year, New Opportunities
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Its a new year, with new opportunities. And like most of the employees of Wolfram and Hart, I didn't have a Christmas to speak off... especially when there isn't anyone to share it with... never really was my favorite time of the year anyway... since I never really got what I wanted... but then who does... except the rich and the powerful that can try to buy happiness.

I had too much work to focus on anyway... and as usual... Wolfram and Hart has me working overtime... I still haven't lost a case yet... so 2003 proved to be a most advantageous year for me at the firm.

And now is a good opportunity to get some additional legal wins under my belt... such as the recent acquittal of a very important client of the firm, Ms. Vanessa Weeksand... was pretty simple, since no jury in the world would believe that a helpless blind women could kill anyone... And Holland was very pleased with what I'm doing for W&H.

So, 2004 holds great promise as well. Barring any unexpected occurances... this new year should be even better... of course is still at least one potential threat to my success... but that annoyance is still out of the Los Angeles area... which is good for my clients... as long as he stays out of Wolfram & Harts ways, should be no problems with me getting a promotion... The Senior Partners continue to support me... and as long as I don't let them down... then everything should be ok.
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