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Feb. 11th, 2004 @ 06:30 am A good opportunity
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I've been advised that one of the main thorns in Wolfram & Hart's side has recently returned to Los Angeles... which is not good for some of our clients... that vamp detective and his friends have proven to be a real annoyance to the firm... sticking their nose where it doesn't belong... making my clients unsatisfied with the quality of service of Wolfram and Hart... and hurting my chances at a promotion... The Senior Partners do not look kindly upon failure... and do not accept excuses for failure... I'm not gonna let some wannabe hero interfere in my business.

Thus the recent imprisonment of a friend of the souled vamp, presented a good opportunity that could not be passed up... to try to acquire the services of Angel, in return for making Mr. Wyndam-Pryce's current legal problems go away. But I'm not sure if my associate Lilah Morgan, was able to convience this ex-watcher that were the only ones that can help him gain his freedom anytime soon. But maybe Angel will see no other option. From what I've heard, the vampire has always put the interests of his friends above all else. His loyalty to friends is his greatest weakness. So hopefully he will see reason, and be willing to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to all the parties involved. If not, then the Senior Partners will not be happy... and appropriate actions must be taken to rectify any problems that may arise.

Really do need to get out, and forget about work for a little while. Should go over to a local Karaoke bar of a friend of mine... and just relax and do some singing. To just forget about legal matters for a little while at least.
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