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Sep. 19th, 2003 @ 01:00 am Welcome to my LJ
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My name is Lindsey McDonald. I work for the law firm Wolfram and Hart... I've been in Los Angeles for a few months... I'm originally from Oklahoma... but that life seems like a lifetime ago... And since I've been working for W&H... I've been representing some pretty interesting characters... not really what I expected to be the life of a lawyer, but in Los Angeles things really are different and I'm always up to any challenge. I've never lost a case... and plan on working my way up the corporate ladder at W&H. And nobody is going to interfer with my career goals. They expect there employees to do whatever it takes to win... and failure is not an option with them... The name of the game is winning at all costs... so I do whatever it takes to ensure that my clients stay out of trouble.

My current client is Russell Winters... a very powerful, and wealthy business man that is one of Wolfram and Harts most prized clients. Wolfram and Hart entrusted me as his primary legal representative... to handle all his legal affairs... and to ensure that he is never accused and never convicted of any crimes... Its my job to make sure he gets everything that he wants, no matter who or what that is.
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